About Dr. Denee Jordan
Dr. Denee Jordan has been a practicing psychotherapist for 25 years.  She is both a CA. Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  She has an extraordinarily broad and varied background as a Mental Health practitioner, lecturer and trainer as well as former professional dancer.
She created and directed the Adolescent Treatment program at the STEPS Substance Abuse Treatment Center, a premier facility on the CA West Coast and one of the first in the nation; there she became a certified facilitator of the Terry Kellogg’s Lifeworks program, a pioneer program in the area of Trauma Treatment.  She went on to direct the STEPS Eating Disorder Recovery Program trained by renowned ED expert Carolyn Costin, LMFT.
Continuing her work in addiction, she became director of Project Recovery, a program sponsored by the Santa Barbara Council of Drug and Alcohol Abuse for homeless and mentally ill substance abusers.  She became an expert and sought after trainer on treating persons diagnosed with both serious mental illnesses and substance abuse.
Later, she served as Clinical Director for the Phoenix of Santa Barbara, a cutting-edge residential and out-patient program for persons suffering with Schizophrenia and other Mental Illnesses.  It was at this time under the direction of the visionary and activist, John Turner, LMFT, that she began to formalize her ‘Already Well’ progressive approach to treatment.  During the same time, she used the ‘Already Well’ concepts and her professional dance background when she choreographed the full-length ballet ‘Reaching’ for the Plexus Dance Theatre.  The ballet followed a woman’s descent into the awful illness of schizophrenia and highlighted her eventual recovery.  The ballet received national attention and dance critic, Dee Volz called it, “A significant and moving statement of what can be said through dance.  This performance should not be missed.”
In 2008 she became Clinical Director of the La Casa Mental Health Rehabilitation Center, the largest facility of its kind in Los Angeles County, serving the chronically mentally ill.  There, she presented numerous trainings to the professional staff on the ‘Already Well’ concepts of recovery and developed and pioneered the La Casa Family Recovery Program, serving the family and loved ones of those diagnosed with serious mental illnesses.
Today she serves as Mental Health Services Director for the Exceptional Children’s Foundation, which is contracted with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.  She continues to train the professional community and the public and has presented for the Oakton Chicago Infant Toddler Conference, the Gateway Foundation, the Telecare Corporation, the Santa Barbara County Department of Mental Health, the Eisner Pediatric and Family Medical Center, Open Paths Counseling Center, and the Exceptional Children’s Foundation on topics related to her ‘Already Well’ model of the human capacity for wellness and healing.
She is currently also working with the world-renowned energy healer and Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Dr. Tatsuo Hirano (Energetics for Health) to explore ways that the concepts of Eastern Medicine can interface with those of the ‘Already Well’ practice to produce optimum wellness.

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